2024 NSF Cyber-Physical Systems Principal Investigators' Meeting
March 20 - March 21, 2024 | Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
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Project Award Number
1Tarek Abdelzaher - UIUCCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Real-time Criticality-Aware Neural Networks for Mission-critical Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2038817
2Miguel Acevedo - University of North TexasCPS: Medium: Integrating Sensors, Controls, and Ecotoxicology with Decoupled Aquaponics Using Brackish Groundwater and Desalination Concentrate for Sustainable Food Production


Youtube Icon
3Fatemeh Afghah - Clemson UniversityCAREER: Toward Autonomous Decision Making and Coordination in Intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicles' Operation in Dynamic Uncertain Remote Areas 2232048
4Fatemeh Afghah - Clemson UniversityWildland Fire Observation, Management, and Evacuation using Intelligent Collaborative Flying and Ground SystemsYoutube Icon2039026, 2204445, 2038741, 2038759, 2038589
5Hamidreza Aghasi - University of California IrvineCPS: Medium: Reconfigurable Aerial Power-Efficient Interconnected Imaging and Detection (RAPID) Cyber-Physical System 2233783
6Venkataramana Ajjarapu - Iowa State UniversityCPS: Medium: Data-driven Causality Mapping, System Identification and Dynamics Characterization for Future Power GridYoutube Icon1932458
7Homa Alemzadeh - University of VirginiaCAREER: Context-Aware Runtime Safety Assurance in Medical Human-Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2146295
8James Anderson - University of North Carolina at Chapel HillCPS: Medium: GOALI: Enabling Safe Innovation for Autonomy: Making Publish/Subscribe Really Real-TimeYoutube Icon2333120
9James Anderson - University of North Carolina at Chapel HillCPS: Medium: GOALI: Enabling Scalable Real-Time Certification for AI-Oriented Safety-Critical SystemsYoutube Icon2038855
10Murat Arcak - University of California-BerkeleyCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Population Games for Cyber-Physical Systems: New Theory with Tools for Transportation Management under Extreme DemandYoutube IconCNS-2135561 & 2135791
11Saurabh Bagchi - Purdue University; KeyByteEnergy-Efficient Secure Distributed Protocols for CPSYoutube IconCNS-2038566, CNS-2038986
12Stanley Bak - Stony Brook UniversityCAREER: Verified AI in Cyber-Physical Systems through Input QuantizationYoutube Icon2237229
13Aaron Becker - University of HoustonCPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Wireless Magnetic Millibot Blood Clot Removal and Navigation in 3-D Printed Patient-Specific Phantoms using EchocardiographyYoutube Icon1932572
14Madhur Behl - University of VirginiaCAREER: Safe and Agile Autonomous Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2046582
15Paul Bogdan - University of Southern CaliforniaCPS: Small: Uncertainty-aware Framework for Specifying, Designing and Verifying Cyber-Physical Systems 1932620
16Ladislau Bölöni - University of Central FloridaCPS: Small: Collaborative Research: RUI: Towards Efficient and Secure Agricultural Information Collection Using a Multi-Robot SystemYoutube Icon1932300, 1931767
17Justin Bradley - University of Nebraska-LincolnCAREER: Foundations for a Resource-Aware, Cyber-Physical Vehicle AutonomyYoutube Icon2047971
18Justin Bradley - University of Nebraska-LincolnCPS: Medium: Dig, Sip, Breathe: Automated Monitoring of Carbon and Water Cycles in AgricultureYoutube Icon2217327
19Mark Campbell - Cornell UniversityCPS: Medium: Safety Assured, Performance Driven Autonomous VehiclesYoutube Icon2211599
20Charles Cao - University of TennesseeCPS: Medium: Integrated Real-time Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Predictive Data Analytics for Early Decision-Making and Treatment of Prevalent Diseases in Precision Dairy Farming 2023-67021-40613
21Alvaro Cardenas - UC Santa CruzCPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Security vs. Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems 1929410
22Alvaro Cardenas - UC Santa CruzPractical Control engineering Principles to improve the security and privacy of cyber-physical systems 1931573
23Luca Carlone - MITCAREER: Certifiable Perception for Autonomous Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2044973
24Subhadeep Chakraborty - University of TennesseeActive Shooter Tracking and Evacuation Routing for Survival (ASTERS)Youtube Icon1932505
25Samarjit Chakraborty - UNC Chapel HillDesign Automation for Automotive Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2038960
26Thidapat (Tam) Chantem - Virginia TechCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Timeliness vs. Trustworthiness: Balancing Predictability and Security in Time-Sensitive CPS DesignYoutube Icon2038726, 2038609, 2038995, 2230969
27Sandeep Chinchali - UT AustinCollaborative Research: CPS: Small: Co-Design of Prediction and Control Across Data Boundaries: Efficiency, Privacy, and Markets 2133481
28Andrew Clark - Washington University in St. LouisCAREER: Synthesis and Control of Cyber-Resilient CPS 2303563
29Jane Cleland-Huang - University of Notre DameInteractive Human-Drone Partnerships in Emergency Response ScenariosYoutube Icon1931962
30Ran Dai - Purdue UniversityAutonomy of Origami-inspired Transformable Systems in Space OperationsYoutube IconCNS-2201568
31Sambeeta Das - University of DelawareCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: CyberOrganoids: Microrobotics-Enabled Differentiation Control Loops for Cyber Physical Organoid FormationYoutube Icon2234869
32Joseph Davidson - Oregon State UniversityCPS: Small: Learning to Pick Fruit using Closed Loop Control and In-Hand SensorsYoutube Icon1932205
33Scott DeLoach - Kansas State UniversitySHF: Small: Scalable Formal Verification of ANN controlled Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2008957
34Jyotirmoy Deshmukh - University of Southern CaliforniaCAREER: A Framework for Logic-based Requirements to Guide Safe Deep Learning for Autonomous Mobile SystemsYoutube Icon2048094
35Xuan Di - Columbia UniversityCPS: Medium: Hybrid Twins for Urban Transportation: From Intersections to Citywide ManagementYoutube Icon2038984
36Petar Djuric - Princeton UniversityScalable Intelligent Backscatter-Based RF Sensor Network for Self-Diagnosis of StructuresYoutube Icon2038801, 2038761
37Liang Dong - Iowa State UniversityCPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Field-scale, Single Plant-resolution Agricultural Management Using Coupled Molecular and Macro Sensing and Multi-scale Data Fusion and ModelingYoutube Icon2020-67021-31528
38Austin Downey - University of South CarolinaCAREER: Data-Driven Control of High-Rate Dynamic SystemsYoutube Icon2237696
39Anamika Dubey - Washington State UniversityCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Adaptive, Human-centric Demand-side Flexibility Coordination At-scale in Electric Power NetworksYoutube Icon2208783
40Abhishek Dubey - Vanderbilt UniversityCAREER: Robust Online Decision Procedures for Societal Scale CPS 2238815
41Helen Durand - Wayne State UniversityEnhancing Cybersecurity of Chemical Process Control SystemsYoutube Icon1932026
42Ayan Dutta - University of North FloridaCPS: Small: Collaborative Research: RUI: Towards Efficient and Secure Agricultural Information Collection Using a Multi-Robot SystemYoutube Icon1932300, 1931767
43Salma Elmalaki - University of California, IrvineCRII:CPS: Society-in-the-Loop Personalized ComputingYoutube Icon2105084
44Flavio Esposito - Saint Louis UniversitySharing Farm Intelligence via Edge ComputingYoutube Icon2133407
45Rose Faghih - New York UniversityCAREER: MINDWATCH: Multimodal Intelligent Noninvasive brain state Decoder for Wearable AdapTive Closed-loop arcHitecturesYoutube Icon2226123
46Yaser Fallah - University of Central FloridaCPS: DFG Joint: Medium: Collaborative Research: Perceptive Stochastic Coordination in Mass Platoons of Automated VehiclesYoutube Icon1932037
47Lu Feng - University of VirginiaCAREER: Formal Methods for Human-Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon1942836
48Vanessa Frias-Martinez - University of MarylandYoutube Icon1750102
49David Fridovich-Keil - UT AustinCAREER: Game Theoretic Models for Robust Cyber-Physical Interactions: Inference and Design under UncertaintyYoutube Icon2336840
50Jie Fu - University of FloridaCPS: CAREER: Formal Synthesis for Provably Correct Cyber-Physical Defense with Asymmetric InformationYoutube Icon2144113
51Grace Gao - Stanford UniversityCAREER: High Integrity Navigation for Autonomous VehiclesYoutube Icon2006162
52Yasaman Ghasempour - Princeton UniversityRobotic Perception and Manipulation via Full-Spectral Wireless SensingYoutube Icon2313233
53Hassan Ghasemzadeh - Arizona State UniversityCPS: Small: Human-in-the-Loop Learning of Complex Events in Uncontrolled EnvironmentsYoutube Icon2227002
54Stephanie Gil - Harvard UniversityCAREER: Multi-Agent Decision Making and Optimization using Communication as a SensorYoutube Icon2114733
55Chris Gill - Washington University in St. LouisCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Co-Designed Control and Scheduling Adaptation for Assured Cyber-Physical System Safety and PerformanceYoutube Icon2229290, 2229136
56Sevgi Gurbuz - The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, ALCAREER: InteractiveRF: Fully-Adaptive, Physics-Aware RF-Enabled Cyber Physical Human Systems (CPHS)Youtube Icon2238653
57Jin-Oh Hahn - University of MarylandCAREER: Enabling "White-Box" Autonomy in Medical Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon1748762
58Qi Han - Colorado School of MinesIntelligent Prediction of Traffic Conditions via Integrated Data-Driven Crowdsourcing and LearningYoutube Icon1932482
59Song Han - University of ConnecticutCPS: Small: Collaborative Research: A Secure Communication Framework with Verifiable Authenticity for Immutable Services in Industrial IoT SystemsYoutube Icon1932480, 1932447
60Abolfazl Hashemi - Purdue UniversityCPS Medium: Learning through the Air: Cross-Layer UAV Orchestration for Online Federated OptimizationYoutube Icon2313109, 2313110
61Ruoying He - University of MichiganEnabling Autonomous, Persistent, and Adaptive Mobile Observational Networks Through Energy-Aware Dynamic CoverageYoutube Icon2223844, 2223845
62Josiah Hester - Georgia Institute of TechnologyCPS: Medium: Batteryless Sensors Enabling Smart Green InfrastructureYoutube Icon2038853
63Shen-Shyang Ho - Rowan UniversityCooperative AI Inference in Vehicular Edge Networks for Advanced Driver-Assistance SystemsYoutube Icon2128341, 2128378, 2128350, 2128346
64Petros Ioannou - University of Southern CaliforniaCPS: Medium Collaborative Research: Smart Freight Transport Using Behavioral IncentivesYoutube Icon1932615
65Shubham Jain - Stony Brook UniversityCAREER: Closed-loop Health Behavior Interventions in Multi-device Environments 2238553
66Yiannis Kantaros - Washington University in St. LouisFormal Methods for Safe, Efficient, and Transferable Learning-enabled AutonomyYoutube Icon2231257
67Panagiota Karava - Purdue UniversityA Meta-Learning Approach to Enable Autonomous BuildingsYoutube Icon2038410
68Ali Karimoddini - North Carolina A&T state UniversityDeveloping a Robust, Distributed, and Automated Sensing and Control System for Smart AgricultureYoutube Icon1832110
69Zak Kassas - The Ohio State UniversityCAREER: Situational Awareness Strategies for Autonomous Systems in Dynamic Uncertain Environments 2240512
70Lav Khot - Washington State UniversityCPS: Medium: Field-specific Weather-Driven Automated Frost Mitigation of Specialty CropsYoutube Icon2021-67021-34336
71Younghyun Kim - University of Wisconsin-MadisonMitigating Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle using a Physiological Sensing-Behavior Analysis-Microclimate Control LoopYoutube IconCPS-2038452
72Ilya Kolmanovsky - University of MichiganCPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Mitigation Strategies for Enhancing Performance While Maintaining Viability in Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube IconECCS-1931738
73Hadas Kress-Gazit - Cornell UniversityCPS: Small: Syntax-Guided Synthesis for Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon1837506
74Daniel Krutz - Rochester Institute of TechnologyInformed Contextual Bandits to Support Decision-Making for Intelligent CPSYoutube Icon2225354
75Akos Ledeczi - Vanderbilt UniversityA3EM: Animal-Borne Adaptive Acoustic Environmental MonitoringYoutube Icon2312391
76Cheol Lee - University of Michigan-DearbornCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: On-Line Control and Soft-Sensing for Thermal Food Processing Based on a Reduced-Order Modeling ApproachYoutube Icon2310590, 2310591
77Edward Lee - UC BerkeleyCPS: TTP Option: Small: Consistency vs. Availability in Cyber-Physical Systems CNS-2233769
78Insup Lee - University of PennsylvaniaCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Sensor Attack Detection and Recovery in Cyber-Physical Systems CNS-2143274, CNS-2333980
79Michael Lemmon - University of Notre DameCPS: Small: Learning How to Control: A Meta-Learning Approach for the Adaptive Control of Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2228092
80Song Li - Virginia TechEarly-Stage Detection and Control of Leaf Diseases in Tomato Transplant ProductionYoutube Icon1025458
81Xiang Li - Santa Clara UniversityCRII: CPS: Data-Driven Cascading Failure Abstraction and Vulnerability Analysis in Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon1948550
82Xiaopeng Li - University of Wisconsin-MadisonCPS: Small: Cyber-Physical Phases of Mixed Traffic with Modular & Autonomous Vehicles: Dynamics, Impacts and ManagementYoutube Icon2313578
83Kaijian Liu - Stevens Institute of TechnologyCollaborative Research: CPS: Mutualistic Cyber-Physical Interaction for Self-Adaptive Multi-Damage Monitoring of Civil InfrastructureYoutube Icon2305882, 2305883
84Giuseppe Loianno - New York UniversityAerial Co-Workers: Augmenting Physical and Cognitive Human CapabilitiesYoutube Icon2121391
85Wenjing Lou - Virginia TechCPS: Medium: S2Guard: Building Security and Safety in Autonomous Vehicles via Multi-Layer Protection 1837519
86Ming Luo - Washington State UniversityCPS: Medium: Smart Harvesting - Enhancing Automated Apple Harvesting through Apple Harvesting through Collaborative Human-Machine IntelligenceYoutube Icon2312125
87Wenhao Luo - University of North Carolina at CharlotteCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Harmonious and Safe Coordination of Vehicles with Diverse Human / Machine AutonomyYoutube Icon2312465, 2312466
88Andreas Malikopoulos - Cornell UniversityCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: An Online Learning Framework for Socially Emerging Mixed MobilityYoutube Icon2149520
89Enrique Mallada - Johns Hopkins UniversityCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Enabling DER Integration via Redesign of Information FlowsYoutube Icon2136324
90Yanbing Mao - Wayne State UniversityCollaborative Research: Physics-Model-Based Neural Networks Redesign for CPS Learning and ControlYoutube IconECCS-2311084
91Neda Masoud - University of MichiganCPS: Small: Behaviorally Compatible, Energy Efficient, and Network-Aware Vehicle Platooning Using Connected Vehicle TechnologyYoutube Icon1837245
92Nikolai Matni - University of PennsylvaniaCPS: Medium: Robust Learning for Perception-Based Autonomous SystemsYoutube Icon2038873
93Eric Mazumdar - California Institute of TechnologyCAREER: Learning for Strategic Interactions in Societal-Scale CPSYoutube Icon2240110
94Negar Mehr - UC BerkeleyCPS: Small: Risk-Aware Planning and Control for Safety-Critical Human-CPSYoutube Icon2218759
95Fei Miao - University of ConnecticutCAREER: Distributionally Robust Learning, Control, and Benefits Analysis of Information Sharing for Connected and Autonomous VehiclesYoutube Icon2047354
96Sandipan Mishra - Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteCPS Medium: Physics-informed Learning and Control of Passive and Hybrid Conditioning Systems in BuildingsYoutube Icon2241795, 2241796
97Sibin Mohan - The George Washington UniversityCAREER: Indistinguishability Prevents Information Leakage in Real-Time Schedulers 2246937
98Bashir Morshed - Texas Tech UniversityCPS: Small: Inkjet Printed Flexible Electronic CPS with Context-aware Events of Interest DetectionYoutube Icon2105766
99Adwait Nadkarni - William & MaryCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Enabling Data-Driven Security and Safety Analyses for Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2132281
100Pierluigi Nuzzo - University of Southern CaliforniaHigh-Assurance Design of Learning-Enabled Cyber-Physical Systems with Deep ContractsYoutube Icon1846524
101Pierluigi Nuzzo - University of Southern CaliforniaCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: ASTrA: Automated Synthesis for Trustworthy Autonomous Utility ServicesYoutube Icon2139982, 2139781, 2139713
102Meeko Oishi - University of New MexicoCPS: Frontier: Cognitive Autonomy for Human CPS: Turning Novices into ExpertsYoutube Icon1836900, 1836952
103Bing Ouyang - Florida Atlantic UniversityIntelligent Resource Efficient Pond Aquaculture (IREPA): Cyber-Physical System to Improve the Fish Farms Productivity in the U.S.Youtube Icon2024-67022-41580
104Necmiye Ozay - University of MichiganData-Driven Modeling and Preview-Based Control for Cyber-Physical System SafetyYoutube Icon1931982, 1932254, 2312007
105Sangmi Pallickara - Colorado State UniversityCPS: Medium: Making Every Drop Count: Accounting for Spatiotemporal Variability of Water Needs for Proactive Scheduling of Variable Rate Irrigation SystemsYoutube Icon2312319
106Hossein Pishro-Nik - University of Massachusetts AmherstCPS: Small: Trajectory-Based Cyber-Physical Networks (TCN): Theoretical Foundation and a Practical ImplementationYoutube Icon1932326
107Hossein Pishro-Nik - University of Massachusetts AmherstCPS: Small: High-Impact Decision Making Using Cyber-Physical Systems: A Distortion-Based FrameworkYoutube Icon2150832
108Punit Prakash - Kansas State UniversityA CPS Approach to Tumor Immunomodulation: Sensing, Analysis, and Control to Prime Tumors to ImmunotherapyYoutube Icon2039014, 2038851
109Feng Qian - University of Southern CaliforniaCPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Transforming Connected and Automated Transportation with Smart Networking, Cooperative Sensing, and Edge ComputingYoutube Icon2038215, 2038559, 2409271
110Bhaskar Ramasubramanian - Western Washington UniversityCRII: CPS: RUI: Cognizant Learning for Autonomous Cyber Physical SystemsYoutube IconCNS-2153136
111Heena Rathore - Texas State UniversityCRII:CPS: Cooperative Neuro-Inspired Actor Critic Model for Anomaly Detection in Connected Vehicles 2313351
112Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri - The Pennsylvania State UniversityCoupled Cascading Failure in Energy CPS: Modeling and PreventionYoutube Icon1836827
113Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri - The Pennsylvania State UniversityCPS: Small: Controlling Sub- and Supersynchronous Oscillations in Inverter-dominated Energy CPSYoutube Icon2317272
114Lisa Rebenitsch - South Dakota MinesSmall: Cybersickness Mitigation and Test Suite DevelopmentYoutube Icon2139232
115Mostafa Reisi Gahrooei - University of FloridaCPS: Medium: Connected Federated Farms: Privacy-Preserving Cyber Infrastructure for Collaborative Smart FarmingYoutube Icon2212878
116Ricardo Sanfelice - University of California at Santa CruzCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Constraint Aware Planning and Control for Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2039054
117Ricardo Sanfelice - University of California at Santa CruzCollaborative Research: CPS: Frontier: Computation-Aware Algorithmic Design for Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2111688
118Soumik Sarkar - Iowa State UniversityCAREER: Robustifying Machine Learning for Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon1845969
119Soumik Sarkar - Iowa State UniversityCPS: Frontier: Collaborative Research: COALESCE: COntext Aware LEarning for Sustainable CybEragricultural systemsYoutube Icon1954556
120Jeffrey Scruggs - University of MichiganCPS Medium: Autonomous Control of Self-Powered Critical InfrastructuresYoutube Icon2206018
121Srinivas Shakkottai - Texas A&MEmpowering Prosumers in Electricity Markets Through Market Design and LearningYoutube IconCPS-2038963, 2038416, 2038775
122Nadia Shakoor - Donald Danforth Plant Science CenterFieldDock: An Integrated Smart Farm Platform for Real-Time Agronomic Optimization and Accelerated Crop BreedingYoutube Icon1932569
123Ming Shao - Harvard Medical SchoolCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: AI-Boosted Precision Medicine through Continual in situ Monitoring of Microtissue Behaviors on Organs-on-ChipsYoutube Icon2225818
124Huajie Shao - William & MaryCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Physics-Model-Based Neural Networks Redesign for CPS Learning and ControlYoutube Icon2311086
125Weihua Sheng - Oklahoma State UniversityCooperative Driving in Heterogeneous Traffic of Manned and Unmanned VehiclesYoutube Icon2212582
126Yeyin Shi - University of Nebraska-LincolnCPS: Medium: CPS-Enabled Variable Rate TechnologyYoutube Icon2021-67021-34417
127Yasser Shoukry - University of California, IrvineCAREER: Decision Procedures for High-Assurance AI-controlled CPSYoutube Icon2002405
128Simone Silvestri - University of KentuckyCAREER: Energy Management for Smart Residential Environments through Human-in-the-loop Algorithm DesignYoutube Icon1943035
129Sucheta Soundarajan - Syracuse UniversityDeveloping a Socio-Psychological CPS for the Health and Wellness of Dairy CowsYoutube Icon2148187
130Anurag Srivastava - West Virginia UniversityCPS:DFG Joint: Medium: Collaborative Research: Data-Driven Secure Holonic control and Optimization for the Networked CPS (aDaptioN) 1932574
131Vijay Subramanian - University of Michigan, Ann ArborCPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Developing Data-driven Robustness and Safety from Single Agent Settings to Stochastic Dynamic Teams: Theory and ApplicationsYoutube Icon2240981, 2240982
132Jinyuan Stella Sun - University of TennesseeCPS: Medium: Secure Constrained Machine Learning for Critical Infrastructure CPSYoutube Icon2038922
133Ye (Sarah) Sun - University of VirginiaCAREER: System-on-Cloth: A Cloud Manufacturing Framework for Embroidered Wearable ElectronicsYoutube Icon2222110
134Kun Suo - Kennesaw State UniversityBuilding Highly-efficient and Low-power Edge Computing with Data-driven Learning and ControlYoutube Icon2103459
135Arnold Swindlehurst - University of California, IrvineSMAC-FIRE: Closed-Loop Sensing, Modeling and Communications for WildFIRE 2209695
136Mario Sznaier - Northeastern UniversitySafe Learning-Enabled Cyberphysical SystemsYoutube Icon2038493
137Hamed Tabkhi - University of North Carolina CharlotteCPS: Small: Worker-in-the-Loop Real Time Safety System for Short-Duration Highway WorkzonesYoutube Icon1932524
138Paulo Tabuada - University of California, Los AngelesFormally Correct Deep Perception For Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon


139Zhaohui Tong - Georgia Institute of TechnologyCollaborative Research: Robust and Intelligent Optimization of Control Agriculture System for Food Productivity and Nutritional SecurityYoutube Icon2020-67021-31526, 2020-67021-315267
140Ufuk Topcu - The University of Texas at AustinProvably Correct Shared Control for Human-Embedded Autonomous SystemsYoutube Icon1652113
141Roberto Tron - Boston UniversityMultiagent Physical Cognition and Control Synthesis Against Cyber AttacksYoutube Icon1932162
142Panagiotis Tsiotras - Georgia Institute of TechnologyLearning-Enabled Assistive Driving (LEAD): Formal Assurances during Operation and TrainingYoutube Icon2219755
143Kyriakos Vamvoudakis - Georgia Institute of TechnologyCAREER: Towards an Intermittent Learning Framework for Smart and Efficient Cyber-Physical AutonomyYoutube Icon1851588
144Kyriakos Vamvoudakis - Georgia Institute of TechnologyCollaborative Research: CPS: Small: An Integrated Reactive and Proactive Adversarial Learning for Cyber-Physical-Human SystemsYoutube Icon2227185
145Javad Mohammadpour Velni - Clemson UniversityPerceptive Stochastic Coordination in Mass Platoons of Automated Vehicles​Youtube Icon2302215
146Dong Wang - University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignCAREER: Towards Reliable and Optimized Data-Driven Cyber-Physical Systems using Human-Centric SensingYoutube Icon2131622
147Peng Wei - George Washington UniversityCAREER: Safe and Scalable Learning-based Control for Autonomous Air MobilityYoutube Icon2047390
148James Weimer - Vanderbilt UniversityCAREER: Learning-Enabled Medical Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2339637
149Robin White - Virginia TechGreener Pastures: A Pasture Sanitation CPS for Environmental Enhancement and Animal MonitoringYoutube Icon2021-67021-34769, 2021-67021-34459
150Tichakorn Wongpiromsarn - Iowa State UniversityCAREER: Establishing Correctness of Learning-Enabled Autonomous Systems with Conflicting RequirementsYoutube Icon2141153
151Tichakorn Wongpiromsarn - Iowa State UniversityCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Sharing the World with Autonomous Systems: What Goes Wrong and How to Fix ItYoutube Icon2211141, 2211432
152Daniel Work - Vanderbilt UniversityCoordinating Actors via Learning for Lagrangian Systems (CALLS) 2135579
153Cathy Wu - MITCAREER: Learning for Generalization in Large-Scale Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2239566
154Weiming Xiang - Augusta UniversityCAREER: Enabling Trustworthy Upgrades of Machine-Learning Intensive Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2143351
155Weiming Xiang - Augusta UniversityCPS: Small: Data-Driven Modeling and Control of Human-Cyber-Physical Systems with Extended-Reality-Assisted InterfacesYoutube Icon2223035
156Zhe Xu - Arizona State UniversityCPS: Small: Neuro-Symbolic Learning and Control with High-Level Knowledge InferenceYoutube Icon2304863
157Zhe Xu - Arizona State UniversityCAREER: Temporal Causal Reinforcement Learning and Control for Autonomous and Swarm Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2339774
158Qiben Yan - Michigan State UniversityCPS: Medium: Robust Sensing and Learning for Autonomous Driving Against Perceptual IllusionYoutube IconCNS-2235231
159Yezhou Yang - Arizona State UniversityCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Spatio-Temporal Logics for Analyzing and Querying Perception Systems 2038666
160Yu Yang - Lehigh UniversityCRII: CPS: Towards Efficient Shared Electric Micromobility: An Interaction-aware Management Framework for Mobile Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2246080
161Shuochao Yao - George Mason UniversityCollaborative Research: CPS: Medium: Real-time Criticality-Aware Neural Networks for Mission-critical Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2038658
162Jingang Yi - Rutgers UniversityCPS: Small: Real-Time Machine Learning-based Control of Human Cyber-Physical Balance Systems 1932370
163Murat Yildirim - Wayne State UniversityCRII: CPS: A Decentralized and Differentially Private Framework for Sensing, Operations and Respond Logistics in Large-Scale Vehicle Fleets 2104455
164Haofei Yu - University of Central FloridaA Secure, Trustworthy, and Reliable Air Quality Monitoring System with Low-cost Sensors for Smart and Connected CommunitiesYoutube Icon1931871
165Heechul Yun - University of KansasCollaborative Research/Medium: Real-time Criticality-Aware Neural Networks 2038923
166Kristin Yvonne Rozier - Iowa State UniversityCPS: Medium: Resource-Aware Hierarchical Runtime Verification for Mixed-Abstraction-Level Systems of SystemsYoutube Icon2038903
167Majid Zamani - University of Colorado BoulderCPS: Medium: Correct-by-Construction Controller Synthesis using Gaussian Process Transfer LearningYoutube Icon2039062
168Majid Zamani - University of Colorado BoulderCAREER: A Data-Driven Approach for Verification and Control of Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2145184
169Ding Zhao - Carnegie Mellon UniversityCAREER: Probabilistic Risk Evaluation for Safety-Critical Intelligent AutonomyYoutube Icon2047454
170Sze Zheng Yong - Northeastern UniversityCAREER: Towards Non-Conservative Learning-Aided Robustness for Cyber-Physical Safety and SecurityYoutube Icon2313814
171Xiangnan Zhong - Florida Atlantic UniversityCAREER: A Skill-Driven Cooperative Learning Framework for Cyber-Physical AutonomyYoutube Icon2047010
172Daphney-Stavroula Zois - University at Albany, SUNYCAREER: Towards Optimized Operation of Cost-Constrained Complex Cyber-Physical-Human SystemsYoutube Icon1942330
1Nilanjan Ray ChaudhuriCoupled Cascading Failure in Energy CPS: Modeling and PreventionYoutube Icon1836827
2James AndersonGOALI: Enabling Scalable Real-Time Certification for AI-Oriented Safety-Critical Systems 2038855
3Abhishek Dubey CAREER: Robust Online Decision Procedures for Societal Scale CPS 2238815
4Insup LeeSensor Attack Detection and Recovery in Cyber-Physical SystemsYoutube Icon2333980
5Edward LeeLingua Franca Illustration of the CAL Theorem 2233769
6Giuseppe LoiannoRotorTM: A Flexible Simulator for Aerial Transportation and ManipulationYoutube Icon2121391
7Fei MiaoCAREER: Distributionally Robust Learning, Control, and Benefits Analysis of Information Sharing for Connected and Autonomous VehiclesYoutube Icon2047354
8Bashir MorshedCPS: Small: Inkjet Printed Flexible Electronic CPS with Context-aware Events of Interest Detection 2105766
9Soumik SarkarCPS: Frontier: Collaborative Research: COALESCE: COntext Aware LEarning for Sustainable CybEr-Agricultural Systems 1954556
10Andreas MalikopoulosMobility Equity Metric and How It Can Be Used On Emerging Mobility Systems 2149520